Dr. Grégory équipé d'une GoPro pendant une opération
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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, a way to transform surgeon’s training

Aim of the project

The MOVEO fundation did support a research project that uses virtual reality to improve the surgical training by immersing the trainee into a recorded 3D movie of a real surgery.

The virtual reality enables the trainee to become an avatar of the surgeon, and to be virtually in the operating theater and feel himself into the shoes of the surgeon.

How ?

With two advanced technologies : Open field Camera and Virtual reality headset.

TTwo synchronized open field cameras were placed on the surgeon’s head while he was performing a surgery.

A student can then watch this footage with a virtual reality headset : the stereoscopic 3D and the wide field of view create a striking immersive effect. The student can then replay the surgery in detail and watch it through the eyes of the surgeon.

Then the movie was adapted to Virtual reality format. Consequently all what you are watching trough the virtual reality headset is in 3D and you can move your head in this virtual world : If you are more interested by what the assistant is doing, or the nurse, just turn your head toward the direction you want.

Do you have the Oculus Rift ?

Step into the shoes of a surgeon with the first videos of surgery made specially for the Oculus Rift.

Video of a total hip prosthesis replacement:

You can download the DK1 version here :

You can download the DK2 version here :

You're advised to try the preview first. Headphones recommended !

The video is published with Whirligig
You don't need any configuration file to enjoy the experience. Just :

  • unzip the file
  • plug in your Rift
  • launch the Whirligig_DirectToRift (DK2) ou Whirligig (DK1)

We advise you to download the MaxVR software to watch the videos below with your Oculus Rift.

Video of a total knee prothesis replacement:

Two meliorations over the other videos :

  • 1080p FullHD
  • 60 frames/seconde

Download the video (short version - 198 Mb)

Video of a shoulder’s fracture surgery:

Here we used a Maquet lamp, bringing an optimized lightning.

Download video (full version - 3.1 Gb)